Curonians hexagon parquet


Hexagon parquet drawing
Parquet size 175 mm

175 mm

Thickness: 12 or 16 mm


Top layer: 4mm oak hardwood (other wood species on request)


Back layer: plywood (8 or 12 mm)


Size: 175x202 mm


Joints: U-shaped tongue and groove


Finish: natural or oiled


Surface treatment: smooth


Weight: 12 kg/sqm (for 16 mm material)


Installation: glue down.

Hexagonal parquet installation order

Every hexagon from another side is marked with numbers: 1; 2; 3. These labels mark three different types of wood fiber direction. To get better visual result, it is advisable to place these labeled elements in a maximally mixed order in the process of installation.

Hexie parquet installation

In order to avoid deadening in the laying process, it is also necessary to follow the direction recommendations given in the drawing about U-shaped tongue and groove

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