CURONIANS Hexagon Parquet

By using centuries-old woodworking traditions in a new and modern way, Curonians will enhance the room with a unique and delicate feel characteristic to Northern Europe.

Following the fashion trends of interior and design in the world, we have created our first design parquet collection in hexagonal form and we named it HEXIE. As it is not an ordinary floor, we want to highlight the three main advantages what you get with Curonians Hexagon parquet



Coziness in the interior can be achieved with a variety of elements. One of the most effective is wood flooring choice. Choosing our natural wood flooring, the excellent home feeling will be guaranteed.



Although we try to be different from one another, most people every day are choosing the same things. Clothes purchased in the same supermarkets, the same lunch, drive the same cars and so on. At the same time, there is a small proportion of the people who want to be different from the crowd. Curonians Design parquet offers the opportunity to be different.



The design is in the details. Often, in order to create these specific details, product creation need to use manual labor. And those who understand and appreciate these things will also appreciate our handmade floor.



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